Bridge project won’t be completed until summer of 2014

The completion of the Alford Street Bridge project, which has created daily traffic chaos on Route 99, has been set back a full year due to a serious gas line situation.

The project now won’t be finished until the summer of 2014, the city council’s public safety committee was informed by a state official at its most recent meeting.

Joe Coleman, an engineer with the state department of transportation, said the cause of the delay involves previously unforeseen and unplanned necessary work on two 54-inch gas lines under the bridge.

An “alternative design” for the work has been approved, said Coleman, and actual work on the gas lines will begin “within a month.”

When that phase of the project is completed in the spring, the demolition on the Everett side of the bridge will start.

Councillor Wayne Matewsky was highly critical of the traffic back-ups being caused by the project and the news that they will continue for an extra year due to the problem with the gas lines.

  • Tom Swenson

    When tens of thousands of people are inconvenienced for an extra year generally a scalp is taken. Where is the scalp?