Mayor awaits casino proposal, renderings, and public input

By Ariel Rodriguez


City Solicitor David Rodrigues told the Common Council on Tuesday evening that Mayor Carlo DeMaria’s office is expecting renderings of what could be a proposed Wynn casino in Everett. According to Rodrigues, the renderings will be sent to the mayor’s office in a couple of weeks at which point the mayor will make them available to the Common Council and begin planning a meeting open to the residents of Everett for their input. He went on to say that the mayor doesn’t want to have community meetings until they have new information to present to the residents of Everett. Rodrigues also said that the people working on the rendering are still working on logistical components like entrances and environmental issues.

Rodrigues said that the gaming commission will be granting the casino license that Everett is up for early 2014.

  • lee

    love the idea, taxes for city and jobs

  • Apl1948

    Traffic will be a nightmare,and many people will become gambling addicts