Solicitor offers solutions to absentee ballot issues

By Ariel Rodriguez


City Solicitor David Rodrigues shared some “immediate solutions” that will be implemented to ensure that absentee ballots are not abused in the multiple elections Everett is facing in the coming year. Stephen Smith, disgraced state representative, has prompted Everett officials to take another look at the way absentee ballots are handled in the City of Everett after he fraudulently used them in multiple elections. Rodrigues said that there are three things that are being put into place immediately.

The first is working to keep the voter rolls up to date. The second is sending a letter upon request of an absentee ballot that explains the legal reasons why they are issued. Residents will then confirm that they are requesting the ballot to the Clerk’s Office at which point it will be sent to the voter. The third thing is that absentee ballots will be fed to voting machines at scheduled times instead of the down time between groups of voters.

According to Rodrigues, this will allow for easier monitoring of the absentee ballots from campaigns, the Solicitor’s Office and the Clerk’s Office.

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    Everett should be concerned with who helped Smith in voter fraud