Van Campen calls for probe of local election process

By The Advocate


Ald. Robert Van Campen is calling for an investigation into the fraudulent absentee ballot scheme that cost the city’s state representative his House berth.

The Ward Five alderman disclosed yesterday that he has filed a motion for Monday night’s board of aldermen meeting that seeks to assure the people of Everett that its future elections will be “fair, transparent and free of any fraud”.

Van Campen’s motion asks that representatives of the offices of the secretary of state, the U.S. attorney, and the local city clerk be requested to appear at the Jan. 28th meeting of the board of aldermen “to discuss concerns surrounding the conduct of elections in the city of Everett, especially relating to the use and submission of absentee ballots”.

The alderman also wants to specifically discuss the recent criminal indictment and resignation of Everett’s state representative Stephen “Stat” Smith due to voter fraud charges stemming from the deliberate abuse of the absentee ballot procedure.

The investigation called for by Ald. Van Campen comes on the heels of a claim by federal prosecutors that Smith was allegedly “helped” in his absentee ballot scheme “by one or more government officials”.

Secretary of state William Galvin, the state’s top election official by virtue   of his office, has stated that if the allegation that Smith had “accomplices” proves to be true and if the individuals are identified, he would have to “remove them” from their positions.

In addition, Galvin has also stated that “if there is an issue of any illegal activity in Everett, I want to know the details before there’s another election there”.